Learn why Christian biz owners on fire love working with Christina. Her sure-footed, trusted advice and extraordinary personal and professional resilience gives her clients the confidence and support they fully need to live out their Holy Spirit-inspired vision.

Learn why and how living a life you absolutely love is key to attracting others to Christ and effectively building God’s kingdom on earth.

5 Christian Biz Abundance Myths (And How to Overcome Them)

Christians sometimes have money and abundance issues. I get it! Sometimes we feel guilty for having too much of the good things in life, including cash and a lifestyle that allows us some rest and relaxation.

But money is neutral. And in your business or ministry and life, money is the energy that fuels your activities. See how productive you are in moving towards your Holy Spirit inspired vision, spending more and more time scrambling to make ends meet.

Let’s be clear, Satan is quite skilled at selling you on adopting a poverty mindset in your business and life. What better way to keep you off-track to fulfilling the unique mission God put you on the earth to do!

Sign here to get my sure-footed advice on the truth about abundance in your life and business. Start transcending those limiting beliefs and blocks that are between you and the fulfilling and prosperous business and life and relationships you love on a daily basis.


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Successful Biz and Life Tips for Christian Entrepreneurs

  • Christina helped me set realistic goals for each business, including the goals for my family and my personal well being. She helped me secure the sale of one business and the growth of another.

     Peggy O’Flaherty
    Peggy O’Flaherty CEO, Creating Space; Rodan+Fields Consultant
  • My business was in a state of constant flux – either feast or famine. I was suffering emotionally and physically. I believe that her years as a therapist give her insight beyond what most business coaches have. She was able to help me clarify my situation (s) and find resolve.

    Holly D. Harper
    Holly D. Harper Owner Persnickety Painting Inc.
  • "I first began working with Christina because of issues with my business and but what I have gained has been so much more!"

    Paula Sanders
    Paula Sanders

Manifesting Vision Session

Are You Confidently Living God’s Will In Your Business And Personal Life Right Now?

Learn how to take your business, your life, and your relationships to the next level by being in full alignment with God’s unique plan for you.

Let’s do my 45-minute one-on-one GPS (God’s-will Planning Session) “Makeover? to help you allow God to bust down barriers and create more abundance, and live a life you love on a daily basis!

Isn’t it time you reach your full potential in your prosperous and meaningful business that allows you to keep your relationships top priority?

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