Are you or were you in a relationship with a narcissist?

If yes, you are invited to participate in a 4-week Empowered Light Introductory course

  • Understand the true dynamics of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)
  • Get clarity on what NPD is and isn’t and have a better sense if this might be playing out in relationships you are struggling with in your life,
  • Learn how to be effective in navigating unavoidable relationships with narcissists
  • And most importantly completely unplug energetically to experience the freedom and joy of achieving dreams you never thought were possible

The introductory group will meet 4 times for an hour on Saturdays from 3-4pm CST on the following dates: 9/9/17, 9/16/17, 9/30/17 and 10/7/17


The fee is $50.00 for all of the sessions. All groups will be recorded and people registered will have access to the replay.

The group is not just for people currently in a relationship with a person with NPD. People who have had past experiences with NPD people or even have remote relationships with them will also benefit.

People who might be uncertain about where NPD fits in with the spectrum of sociopaths and psychopaths will also appreciate this resource.

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